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Excluding intentionally and very intelligently millions of Ahmadis from the election process means nothing less than a planned fraud and opaque election in Pakistan, once again as has been the practice for the last 4 decades. The Apex Court will do nothing to reinstate the basic human right of voting to Ahmadis in Pakistan

The current voting practice in Pakistan very truly reminds us of the apartheid laws of South Africa and segregation of black and whites in the 18th century USA. Many of us know that the first general elections of 1970 during … Continue reading

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Yesterday Mr. Aleem Ahmad; a young man from Sialkot asked me that is there any chance that things get on right path in Pakistan?  He like many other Pakistanis is demoralized and worried about the motherland. Certainly it remains a … Continue reading

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Save Lives Of Seven Pakistani And Libyan Men Abducted In Libya

If your son or brother is abducted in a foreign country and the kidnappers have strongly demonstrated that they are very much capable of killing him, how will you feel sitting thousand miles away from your near one? Two days … Continue reading

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