Second Islamic Summit Conference-Part 1

  1. Second Islamic Summit Conference

During Bhutto reign the Second Islamic Summit Conference held from February 22-24, 1974 in Lahore was hosted by Pakistan on the proposal of OIC Secretary General Tunku Abdul Rahman. The Second Islamic Summit Conference was called to discuss the Middle East situation in the wake of Arab Israel war of October 1973 and the oil embargo imposed by Arabs. The successful holding of the summit raised the stature of Pakistan in the Muslim world. The Outcomes of the summit:

  1. India had realized that even after the dismemberment of East Pakistan. Pakistan did not stand alone but had large number of friends with the some of the world’s wealthiest countries. 2. Many Arab and Islamic countries had not yet recognized Bangladesh as a separate country. In the atmosphere of Islamic fraternity generated by the Islamic Summit, Pakistanis forgot the past and embraced Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman along with the recognition of Bangladesh. After Pakistan’s recognition other Muslim countries also recognized Bangladesh’s independent status. 3. By this Summit the Islamic World accepted the status of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) under Yasir Arafat as the sole legitimate representative of Palestinian people. This acceptance strengthened the cause of Palestine in UN and other international bodies and Yasir Arafat said that Palestine was born in Lahore. 4. It brought up the solidarity and fraternity among the Muslim world and made them aware of the worth of their resources especially of oil. 5. The Summit made it clear that Jerusalem was of profound importance for muslims and was religiously sacred for the entire Muslim Ummah. It strengthened the Arabs, particularly Egypt in the post Arab-Israel War 1973 negotiations.

It is widespread hearsay that during this summit behind the closed doors it was decided that Shah Faisal of KSA will become Ameerul Mo’amineen and ZA Bhutto in return will gain political leadership of Ummah. Pamphlets and brochures against Ahmadis were delivered to some delegates of the conference by the government. To achieve the goals, the shortest possible method was declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims in Pakistan. ZAB used to feel pride announcing that it is he who resolved the 90 years old Ahmadiyya issue. Soon KSA as well banned Ahmadis to perform the Hajj pilgrimage.

ZA Bhutto: Legend, Myth and Reality by Dr Asif Javed dated August 15, 2013 covers in details the dark side of our time great leader, widely admired for his genius as Henry Kissinger may not have been way off the mark when he remarked, “Elegant, eloquent, subtle. . . .I found him brilliant, charming, of global stature in his perceptions. . . .He did not suffer fools gladly.” It is however, the other side of ZAB—the dark one—that needs to be revisited. Some examples are:

“It is widely believed that Bhutto was hanged for a crime that he did not commit. It is rarely, if ever, asked, who then was the real perpetrator? Mohammad Ahmad Kasuri was murdered in Lahore; the crime scene was found to have shells used by FSF—Bhutto’s elite security force.”

“Kasuri’s murder may have been the most famous one, but was by no means the only one; this is a list that includes Dr. Nazir Ahmed of JI, MNA from Dera Ghazi Khan who was gunned down in his clinic weeks after provincial chief of his party, Syed Asad Gilani, had been warned by Khar (Us ka Anjaam acha naheen ho ga). Kh Rafiq was gunned down behind Punjab assembly while leading a procession. [Khawaja Rafique (father of presently two ministers brothers Sa’ad Rafique and Salman Rafique) was killed in Lahore once he was coming back home from the black day rally against Bhutto’s one year in power]. ; Abdus Samad Achakzai was killed in his house in a grenade attack while Maulvi Shamsuddin, MPA and deputy speaker of Balochistan assembly, was shot in his car.”

Furthermore he writes, ” Those who escaped attempts at their lives included Wali Khan, who lost his driver and personal body guard in the ambush; this was fourth attempt on his life. Years later, Wali Khan was to warn Zia of Bhutto’s vengeance (there are two dead bodies and one grave; make sure Bhutto goes in first, otherwise, you may be the one). Ch. Zahur Elahi, whose political heirs sit happily with Zardari at present, suffered more than most; Amnesty international once reported that there were 117 cases against him; this included a case of buffalo stealing. He survived in jail in Balochistan, courtesy of Governor Akbar Bugti, who refused to do him harm. Small wonder that after Bhutto’s hanging, Zahoor Elahi requested and received the pen that Zia had used to reject the mercy petitions for Bhutto. Mian Tufail, was scandalously manhandled in jail, writes Sher Baz Mazari in his autobiography, A Journey to Disillusionment; it was rumored at the time, that a naked prostitute was sent in to his cell to humiliate the Amir of JI.”  MNA Mukhtar Rana from Lyallpur, Kaswar Gardizi the Secretary General of the NAP had their share too from his rough treatment.


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