Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

  1. Contentious Legacy of Bhutto

While Bhutto’s legacy is contentious, his party, the PPP, remains one of the largest in Pakistan and his daughter Benazir Bhutto emerged as two times prime minister after winning the Pakistani General elections of 1988 following Zia’s death and she successfully led her party to victory in the 1993 parliamentary elections. The election was held on 6 October 1993. Once again she became the prime minister while Wasim Sajjad was Acting President of Pakistan being Chairman of Senate of Pakistan. On 18 July, under pressure from the army to resolve the power struggle, Sharif and Khan resigned as PM and President respectively, once Abdul Waheed Kakar formula was applied. The Chief has brokered a fine “political deal” within the ambit of the constitution. It was the time once Punjab saw a staged kidnapping and the moving of 130 members of the Punjab Assembly to the capital to ensure they stayed loyal to Sharif. Similar theater was staged in Changamanga in year 1990 by Sharif. Then CM of Punjab Mr. Nawaz Sharif gathered  many MPAs and sent them to the Rest House of Changa Manga forests near Lahore and barred them to meet anyone. In this way, the PPP could not influenced these MPAs and was unable to form its government in Punjab. Through bad governance and massive corruption, in last decade Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, ZAB’s son in law has deteriorated PPP to the lowest level of popularity ever since the party was founded.


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Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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