Evidence that he wanted a Modern Democratic State

  • Evidence that he wanted a Modern Democratic State

In 1944 The Ahrars made an offer to Jinnah, that provided he gives them his word that Pakistan will be run on Islamic principles they will support him in the struggle for Pakistan, Jinnah refused.

Before Jinnah left India for Pakistan Iskandar Mirza recalls that he asked him in Delhi, ”Sir we are all agreed to leave for Pakistan; but what kind of polity are you going to have? Are you going to have an Islamic state?” and Jinnah replied. ”Nonsense, I am going to have a modern state”

The Raja of Mahmudabad recalls that in 1941-45 he was working for Muslim League and advocating for Pakistan, his dream was that Pakistan will be an Islamic state and he comments that this frequently brought him into conflict with Jinnah and Jinnah thoroughly disproved of this idea and told him not to express them from the platform of Muslim League as the public may get the wrong idea that Jinnah shared these ideas.

It was Jinnah’s constant refusal to make Pakistan an Islamic state that made all Mullahs and Maududis turn against him.

Siri Prakasa, the first Indian High Commissioner recalls that Jinnah told him more than once that he intends to make Pakistan a secular state.

On 13 July 1947 at a press conference in the backyard of his house at 10 Aurengzeb Road New Delhi where all newspapers were present Jinnah clearly said that all citizens of Pakistan will be treated as the same regardless of their cast, colour…religion or creed, (This is not the principle in an Islamic state run on Sharia).

In 1948 during his visit to Dhaka he told Srish Chandra Chattopadhyaya, ”Tell your people not to be afraid and not to leave Pakistan, for Pakistan will be a democratic state where Hindus will have the same rights as Muslims”

In his letter to Dr Khan Sahib he clearly indicated his desire to change Muslim League into National League and open to every citizen of Pakistan but mentioned that for this idea he was being attacked by mad mullahs and extremists.

Finally the August 11 speech to constituent assembly……..

We can also look at his actions like appointing Jogendera Nath Mandal the first president of the constituent assembly and the first law minister, now it would be rather silly to ask an assembly headed by a Hindu to make the constitution of an Islamic state would be rather odd indeed.

So where does this lead us, it looks as Jinnah was saying in his speeches something different from what he is hinting in privet meetings regarding his vision of Pakistan. Yet is he really saying something which is contradictory? I don’t think so, at least not when we try to see things from his eyes.

There are few questions which need to be asked:1. Did Jinnah want Pakistan to be a secular democracy?2. Did Jinnah want Pakistan to be an Islamic State?3. If indeed Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be an Islamic state what exactly did he think an Islamic state means?4. If Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular democracy than is it possible that an Islamic state can be a secular democracy?

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