Existing System has totally failed. Do Pakistanis have any Option left emerging as a progressive nation?

Come Back of the Legend.2_n

There has been no optimistic response from the sitting federal government on genuine demands of Islamabad Sit-ins lead by PAT and PTI. The sickening and ill-advised mind-set has raised level of great antagonism among the people against the corrupt rulers. Heroes of Islamabad are determined to continue their protests even after 65 days fighting against the corrupt system and harsh weather of Islamabad.
Gatherings by PPP or by PMLN (expected in near future) are in fact the reaction to the ongoing energetic sit-ins and gatherings of PTI and PAT supported by PMLQ, SIC, MWM and occasional representation of APML. It is time to acknowledge the efforts of all participating heroes of these political parties as they are reflection of majority of Pakistanis. PPP has totally failed to gather the support of Karachites on its 18th Oct show. BBC report pointed out that PKR 1,200,000,000 were spent on this gathering though some claim that it is actually 3-4 billions. All is sucked from tax payers money, a Pakistani always knows it. People are no more ready to buy the Bhuttoism and martyrdoms as the governance in the past at federal level and recent one in Sind are really obnoxious.
Until the issue of hideous and well engineered rigging in General Elections 2013 is resolved, as a nation it seems difficult to move forward despite aloud and amplifying claims of sitting corrupt government. The criminals are using this as a license to massive corruption leaving behind the heights touched by previous government of PPP. If government is sincere it will not take more than a week to find out the fully involved apparatus and masterminds of this crime. Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) can accomplish it reasonably, with no trouble at all, by the comparison of Forms 14, 15 and 16 but sorry to say ECP is behaving like a family servant of Shareef family. Similarly 33 killings including 14 innocent persons at Model Town Lahore needs a fair judicial process. Removing of a road barrier should not have caused such a violence. Time has passed to buy the people offering cash incentives. It is heading to “Qisas” instead of “Diyyat”. Both Shareef brothers have been booked under few murder cases.
Corruption through finances of power producing companies and commission money for multi millions projects and MOUs is known to all educated citizens of Pakistan. Judiciary and NAB have failed to win the confidence of people of Pakistan for the obvious reasons of not punishing the accused parties. In addition to unlimited corruption the powerful institution of Army was let down by the prime minister right on the floor of the parliament during the joint session. It was a simple lie, in eyes of Pakistanis, but some how or the other Army preferred to be silence except issuing of one odd press release by ISPR. Patriots got really unhappy on such a disgrace to the beloved and respected Pak Army. Whenever Shareef family got into power it has always created problems for Army though it was first Army that got this family into politics. The efforts of humiliating former COAS through treason charges is unforgiveable. The case is totally based on personal vendetta of prime minister and is truly a biased case. It should have covered all abettors and collaborators since the very beginning. It is difficult for an ordinary Pakistani to understand the way serving COAS was removed and his plane was asked to land even in India; a staunch enemy of Pakistan. MNS could not imagine the consequences of Pakistani COAS to be in custody of India remains illogical and unconvincing.
Both corrupt governments ( of PPP and PMLN) have miserably failed to deal with the problems of poor downtrodden. Mind it that almost 8-9 Crore Pakistanis live under the poverty line and over 2.66 Crore are homeless. Today basic grocery is out of the reach of a citizen. It is a challenge to our sitting finance minister to make a budget for a family of 8 members with an average monthly income of PKR 8,000. How a one person can manage her / his living on just PKR 1,000 for 30 days. Situation is really worse in education too. Pakistan just spends 1-1.5% of its GDP on health where it should not be less than 6% in any case.
Almost 9 Crore Pakistanis are uneducated despite heavy false claims of corrupt governments. It exposes that how far the rulers are interested in the well being of their people. Even there is corruption in universities as Mr Pervez Hoodbhoy used to criticise the quality of the research output of our universities. He raised and reported some really important points on the deficiencies of the higher education system in Pakistan. His criticism stands true once again in last 6 ½ year rule of both Mr Zardari and Mr. Nawaz Shareef. While during the regime of former President Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf things were much better. Pakistanis witnessed truly rapid positive changes in Pakistan in the higher education sector. The UN Commission on Science and Technology once came to the unanimous conclusion that “ (the) policy and programme is a ‘best-practice’ example for developing countries aiming at building their human resources and establishing an innovative, technology-based economy.”
Media is facing restrictions and keep getting threats. Role of PEMRA is highly questionable by any standards of democratic nations. A retired DIG is running it as per the sweet wishes of MNS. Outspoken anchor Mubashir Lucman has been banned to run his talk show even his innocent kids were harassed 6 times in just one single day. It seems that ARY media house is under great pressure pleasing the rival owners of Geo. Complete silence by international media to avoid coverage of present protests by people of Pakistan could be an open secret, though in case of Tunisia and Egypt etc it was vibrant enough. With due respect to judiciary, people have the feeling that it is totally biased as its verdicts are most of the time in favour of friends and close aides of Mr. Nawaz Shareef . After ban on honest opinions or on revealing corruptions through electronic media in Pakistan, Mubashir Lucman can start a new program “Kharra Jhoot”, I friend of mine suggested.
Bad governance is another issue including the treatment given to minorities like Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and Shias. In fact, no room is left for these weak segments of the society as state sanctioned laws were not been abolished even at the time of 18th amendment. Whenever Shareef brothers came in power, the day to day life was made miserable for minorities in Pakistan. It is shame that house of living legend and angel on earth like Abdul Sattar Eadhi sahib got robbed and so for the culprits have not been arrested. All such incidents have badly destroyed image of Pakistan across the globe. It is time that all discriminatory laws targeting minorities be abolished.
Why our prime minister was not respected by the USA during his recent visit? Because, normally poor nations get no respect in the eyes of rich nations except the exceptional circumstances and that too is for a short period. Pakistan is definitely not a poor country, we know. Pakistan has huge resources of Oil, Uranium, Plutonium, Coal reserves and is blessed with fertile land and four weathers. It has got great potential. Let us admit that this hardworking and intelligent nation is just missing a visionary and honest leader. Pakistan is kept poor by design by our incompetent and corrupt political mafia singing the deceptive song of democracy. In fact poor got nothing from the democracy being practiced in Pakistan for many decades, despite increase in tax collection from people and loans acquired from donor countries. Most part of these amounts is eaten up by thugs. People have to pay it back with no room to breath more. The way MNS is being disgraced should be an eye opener for rest of the thugs. Hope they understand it, otherwise nation is heading to a sort of revolution. Whosoever makes the country strong and stop looting surely will get respect of the people. No more loans and no more deficit budget is a wish of an ordinary citizen.
Former President Gen Pervez Musharraf did what he could do for us in the past. Now it is our duty to stand by him so that, once again, we can move on pathway of peace, prosperity and progress. Most of the institutions have failed. It is now or never situation for Pakistanis . Rest it depends on people of Pakistan. If they want to remain in slavery of this corrupt system, no one can help them, not even God Almighty.
National Government or care taker or whatever name be given could be an option. It should be at lease for 2-3 years so that it can go for well needed ruthless accountability across the board under law. In first few months the time-bound reforms in different sectors like ECP, Judiciary, Land, Education, Health, Tax, Labour and Industry etc. should be done.
After accountability and reforms the announcement for holding General Elections be made. These elections should be like elections of 1970 standards with use of present day technology, obviously. All other elections held in Pakistan are thought to be rigged, engineered and result of malpractices of political mafia. Transparent elections should be remembered a brilliant achievement of the national government in the history of Pakistan.
A united political front of parties, mentioned in the beginning including the hesitant MQM (as it was the pioneer to talk against mullahism and feudalism), patriot parties from Baluchistan and PMLF, should be formed to go into elections in near future. People of Pakistan want to live like a proud nation among the community of nations.
The existing system has totally failed. When will Gen (Retd)Pervez Musharraf lead the nation? It is high time that he should come out to save Pakistan. It is not understandable why hectic and concentrated effort is missing on part of APML for online membership registration and going for all out political activities particularly once the leader himself has announced to do so. Probably Lahore will be the beginning point. May be this note could envisage people of Pakistan and in particular APMLians around the globe.
Sab Se Pehley Pakistan. Pakistan First.

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Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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