Referendum, Soft Intervention or Transparent Elections

Currently the workers of PAT and PTI are either in Sit-Ins at D–Square Islamabad despite unlawful restrictions of Govt or sent by fierce rulers in jails, and rest of Pakistanis are glued with TVs at home. Majority is asking for change / overhauling of the vicious system that only has made corrupt rich to grow in a short time. It is precise time to make sincere efforts to bridged up brutal widening gap between two class; Bourgeois the ruling class and Proletariat the poor downtrodden AWAM.
However if federal Govt has accepted most of the demands of both political parties (PAT and PTI) then the only disputed point on “Resignations of CM and PM of Punjab and Federal Govt respectively” should be resolved as well. At this stage all out participation of APML with its party flags and Pakistani flags, chanting slogans of “Sab sey Pehley Pakistan” / “Pakistan First” will surely bring the looked-for results in a short time along with participation of MQM. Unfortunately Altaf Hussain and MQM are in indecisive mood due to best reasons only known to them. They are missing the chance to overhaul the system that they had been demanding for long. There could be no hope from PPP as it is candidly part of the corrupt status-quo against the spirit of its founder ZA Bhutto and BB Shaheed.
Recent press release of #ISPR make us to think that presently #PakArmy wants to remain neutral (Does it seem to be supporting MNS and the existing unsuccessful system despite over 32 killings in last few weeks and ongoing unlimited corruption of the ruling class?). Do not forget the proposed visit of Chinese President that will give billions of kick back to Shareef family and that is the reason this issue of Protests should be resolved in any case to stop this chunk of corruption and in fact selling out of Pakistan. Similarly the judiciary has provided no relief to the justice-seeking poor victims of Model Town incident. Both significant institutions seem to be of the view that politicians should solve their problems by themselves and want to be neutral at this moment particularly the #PakArmy.
Hence either sturdy strategy should be plumped for by protesting parties or some sort of solution with help of #PakArmy as guarantor should be reached. It could be straightway resignations by making PPP, MQM ,PMLN, PAT, PTI and PMLQ to sit on table to agree on this final solution with interim government for 2 years at least. Another option could be going for really free fair and transparent elections so that AWAM can select their representatives, at lease first time after 1970 elections. Third and last could be holding Referendum on three pertinent questions of resignations, speedy justice for over 32 killings by present Govt and Time-bound Reforms by interim Govt in many fields. Pakistan First.

About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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