Six short hints are:
1) Sincere Efforts (to contact both parties on protest) by #PakArmy as was asked by the MNS Govt though later on it opted to lie as unwise bald-headed got impressed by Khurshid Shah’s exaggerated speech though Meter Reader did well and MNS got entrapped in moments.
2) Cheats and Compulsive Liars are trying their best to hide behind the jugglery of words like Arbitration, Mediation and Facilitation. Certainly a poor show by MNS himself, PR, Kh SR, Mashhood and other team members and in particular the wigged Nisar. Just in 24 hrs 3 BIG LIES. Unbelievable!
3) Today after a month, both PTI and PAT are on strong position in principle. In Karachi MQM (Today Altaf H asking for Resignation of MNS and Army’s critical role has been appreciated in entire of Pakistan) and MWM can play a very important role tomorrow on Faisal Avenue. Similarly in Faisalabad, SIC will make it a success undoubtedly. No choice for any further blunder left for PMLN now. It is better to keep quite now and enjoy the music that you arranged yourselves. MNS is on his feet. Go Nawaz go , Go Shahbaz go,………Lahore and Multan will make another history on these defining moments for Pakistan.
4) Ruthless Accountability ( not allowing anyone to flee Pakistan , put their names on ECL ASAP), Justice, Fresh Elections with ECP Reforms, TIME BOUND REFORMS in many sectors (like Judiciary, Land, Health and Education, Labour and Industry, Tax and Revenue, etc) could be few goals that a National / Interim Govt must meet so that ultimately the unfortunate nation can have stable Controlled Democracy leading to True Democracy in 4-5 General Elections.
5) It is time to get back the stolen money of poor Pakistanis from foreign accounts of these corrupts. The corrupts, money launderers, Property Dealers and political mafia will never ever give basic human rights to people of Pakistan. Achakzai is just saving his brother’s governorship, PPP and ANP are not ready to face Elections due to their limitless corruption where JI is always primary root cause of most of the sectarian problems in Pakistan leaving behind the notorious role of Obama FR always available on rent.
6) Where is treason case against Gen #PervezMusharraf? Sir GPM! Pakistan needs your vision, wisdom, steadfastness, loyalty, honesty and leading role once again. Pakistan First. #ISPR, #ISI

About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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