Why am I writing these lines? Because I read this message of Gen (Retd) @Pervez Musharraf,  just few minutes back  on social media.

He writes, “It gives me great pleasure to be able to finally have a way to interact with the public, my friends and supporters directly. I enjoy sharing my views with you all and hearing back from you as well. Pakistan is in a state today where each and everyone of us must contribute in whatever manner we can. I wish you all the best and look forward to enlightening and productive discussions through this forum that shall allow us to put our ideas and efforts together for a better tomorrow. Pakistan First !“

Sir! Sharing this important message with my contacts in thousands with an optimism that soon together we will be able to hear a direct speech from your honour. Inspired by “I enjoy sharing my views with you all and hearing back from you as well”. I reckon some sort of DIRECT APPROACH is must now. It could be:-

(1) Meeting with young energetic APMLians say from 3-4 administrative divisions on daily basis, or

(2) Through an All Pakistan Workers` Convention, If there are no legal hurdles then,  your presence will shed away all the clouds swathing  APML these days.

This will inculcate fresh energies and momentum after the re-organization of APML directly under your directives and management. Your real supporters are highly fed up with the past performance of APML and other factions supporting the cause not in a very commendable way mainly because of greed of money, self promotion and very low profile in political playing field of Pakistan. It needs heaps of experience gained from political background. Unfortunately the money makers have smashed all the democratic institutions and nation is left no genuine political workers.

AWAM miss you undeniably because of your honesty, loyalty, commitment, liberal thoughts, vision farsightedness,  and of course the performance particularly of first few years,  your vast experience and international stature. Though majority of other so-called political leaders may have the understanding of widespread mess in Pakistan these days but unfortunately they lack the sincerity, dedication and willpower to deal with the severe problems. Hence AWAM are of the view that these leaders  don`t have a real solution. Indisputably patriots believe that only you are the SOLUTION right now. Some New System say on lines of 10 point Agenda of Dr. TUQ  that includes the middle class could be a start point. Come what may be, the next elections ( Local Bodies or General) will be between pro-Musharraf VS Anti-Musharraf as division on Bhutto factor is just a past argument for political workers. The limitless corruption through nepotism of both major parties has completely dejected the voters. May Allah give you long healthy life to lead the nation once again.

We are trying our best to contribute in whatever manner we can for having back Jinnah`s Pakistan under your un-matchable leadership. It is time to crush Mullahism turned into Terrorism once for all. People of Pakistan have high hopes from the senior command of Pak Army to play its role in this regard.  The easy targets are mostly minorities facing  vicious, planned persecution by the hands of these uneducated and wicked mullahs. Also the consecutive governments have miserably failed to redress the issue and laws causing these miseries. This is let us down in the community of nations. Same is true for Feudalism. It needs be shunt away  and eradicated from its brutal roots through real and effective agricultural reforms. Because the mindset representing  by both, mullahism and feudalism, do defectively effect the results of elections through extremely discreditable rigging each time.

Those who are hectically busy making millions on daily basis can be dealt with by the stern rules and laws of FBR, NAB and Agencies  provided a sincere and capable leadership is there in the office. These corrupt politicians from 200 corrupt rich families will never ever change the system that harms their own immoral interests. It is really a species of mafia in Pakistan. They have extensively use the terms like “73 Constitution”, “Democracy” to fool the innocent and uneducated poor voters.

A controlled democracy say for next 15-20 years with certain prearranged role of Pakistan Armed Forces may lead this unfortunate nation to the destination of True Democracy that our forefathers once dreamed it seven decades back, provided the blue-eyed are strictly not preferred in any case. Only merit should prevail. There should be no genius, I reckon, to prevent Gen Pervez Musharraf going for DIRECT APPROACH at earliest. Pakistan First !


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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