There are reports coming in that interior minister Nisar has asked Justice Faisal Arab to decide the high treason case in 24 days. It clearly establishes that Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf will not receive a fair trial on these charges, a case bound to test the relationship between an increasingly assertive civilian government through handpicked judges and the army. The honest and patriot Ex-COAS, almost 70 now, faces the death penalty or life imprisonment over his imposition of emergency of Nov3, 2007, that he had all the right to impose.

The trial is a politically motivated vendetta merely due to revengeful nature of Sharifs of Lahore. Musharraf cannot get a fair trial in Pakistan because of his history of disputes with the judiciary and the involvement of MNS whom he once overthrew in a coup. This special court is undoubtedly biased and is a fraud on the law of land. How come only one person is vindicated and one clause of Article 6 is being applied? It is totally against the spirit of law and justice. This case should have started at least from Oct 1999, if not from 1956 and the first person that should be hanged is Iftikhar; though Barrister Saif refused to call him even a Judge, the other day. Why the Article 6 Petition by Communist Party of Pakistan through its Chairman:Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik, Petitioner, versus 569 individuals has not been highlighted so far?

The sections of our society like sincere and committed APMLians, patriot and educated members of civilian society and the defence team have zero confidence in the agencies responsible for investigations, the interior ministry and MNS government as a whole.

It is almost a year now, once Musharraf returned to Pakistan (though army top envoy tried to dissuade him from coming back) hoping to contest elections; he and his party APML were intentionally banned to take part in elections 2013 making mockery of justice. He was barred from standing and enmeshed in a web of legal cases, repeatedly charged and bailed. The only seat won in Chitral has been taken away the other day by PPP; member of the joint venture of corruption in Pakistan.

As it is fabricated political case accomplishing all the injustice, hence army should support its innocent and noble chief as ranks and files are upset about his treatment like majority of civilians. The military is Pakistan’s most powerful institution, but in recent years the civilian government and judiciary have both become more assertive. Pakistanis remember Musharraf’s words “Pakistan ka Khuda hi Hafiz” once he was forced into resignation and a convicted money-launderer AAZ was installed as the President.

President Musharraf has led Pakistan through nine difficult years in its history. During which he faced challenges; both domestically and internationally. Despite these challenges his government’s policies lead Pakistan to the pathway of peace, prosperity and development in the region. He provided excellent levels of freedom to electronic and print media that has played its negative role through misinformation and baseless accusation on son of soil, once he needs to be supported wholeheartedly.

The educated and dejected silent majority (just visible on FB) has been side-lined by the induction of an infamous regime voted to power (rigged election, with 35 punctures in particular) by the illiterate masses bound to live in a society dominated and controlled by the greedy and brutal clutches of both feudalism and mullahism. They got no education whatsoever nor do they pay say 20% government taxes as they do not pay 25% of their income into utility bills, yet they end-up deciding “who will be the leader?” through an orchestrated and engineered election by their masters. Clearly it makes no sense. Pakistanis cannot vote like the voters of another developed and educated country; where everyone is literate and pays her/his taxes. To live like a prideful nation Pakistanis must work with their ground realities and choose a system that best suits them, their leader at the moment and the country in long run.

It is sad that nation is endorsing the feelings of Karachites, that had there been any General from Punjab such a ridiculed profile should have not even aroused. Weakness and lust for Sind ministries and rift within mindset of MQM regarding Sir Musharraf could be two reasons. Certainly, it highlights the responsibility very robustly that MQM owes undoubtedly to son of soil. Because few statements by Altaf Hussain are not enough until the leader of the nation is set free from the revengeful and narrow-minded mindset ruling Pakistan these days. Stance of Ch Shujaat and Pervez Elahi of PML-Q has been very upright that kept really high the standards of truthfulness and high moral values of people of Punjab. This should have been an eye-opener but revenge has turned MNS to complete blindness, so far. The attitude of pure civil dictatorship and creation of problems for Army has been a second nature of MNS. This is going to harm the people of Pakistan until MNS comes with some make up in this very case. PAT leader Dr TUQ got bad experience in Islamabad March; he remained hesitant for a long time to make any clear cut decision against the injustice, price hike, corruption, humiliation of our great institution of Army and nepotism.

Iftikhar is the main personality in Pakistan for its ongoing destruction followed by corrupts like AAZ and MNS along with say 10,000 corrupts. They all should be punished under law and for that matter EBDO in 1959 that of Ayub Khan has paradigm in our history. Parliamentarians are supposed to stand for justice but here they are behaving like slaves of two families. No one could convince MNS to constitute a “Truth & Reconciliation Commission” avoiding further split in the society as special court is heading exactly to another judicial murder like of ZA Bhutto. Musharraf had submitted his request for removal of name from the ECL to the interior ministry but so far his name has not been removed from ECL. We are today so intolerant that Ex-COAS and President can’t see his ailing mother, 92, waiting all the time for his son. What sort of Pakistanis we have become for the last few decades? Thankless Pigeon Nation in deep sleep!

Army support is must for its loyal and honest COAS, whether it likes it or not as other organisations get their rights on merit. Why Army should be abused, humiliated and be always at loosing end? The coup-prone Pakistan’s history has made things difficult for high command, no doubt, but such a ridiculed situation for a COAS like Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf is at all not acceptable even to an uneducated villager in Pakistan. Army has more responsibility than a villager, at least abiding by its oath.

It is time for workers and supporters of Musharraf to be vigilant from planted elements, to show high degree of unity, once they are so close to the goal; getting back to Jinnah’s Pakistan under the visionary leadership of Gen Pervez Musharraf. High treason case against Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharaf is entirely a political case; hence it should be dealt with political approach.



About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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