Four Point Agenda for Mard E Ahan –Aspirations of People of Pakistan

Four Point Agenda for #MardEAhan –Aspirations of People of #Pakistan

Recent statements by Altaf Hussain and Faisal Raza Abidi are true feelings of majority of Pakistanis. Already people are not satisfied with the results of general election 2013 as it was nothing but rigged and manipulated mandate since most of parliamentarians and judges failed to meet Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution, now the corruption with no limits through ever new techniques invented by Finance Minister, really bad governance and too sympathetic approach to terror spreading Jihadi outfits have added alarming disappointment to people of Pakistan.

For these pleasantly exuberant looking citizens, it is “Now or Never” situation hoping some Ironman / “Mard E Ahan” will soon come for their recue and Almighty Allah will give him courage and strength to take actions against the corrupts for their ongoing humiliation of great national hero, soldier and Ex-COAS Gen #PervezMusharraf by these Kangaroo courts and corrupt political mafia ruling us in the name of fake democracy after massive riggings in general elections 2013 with mutually fixed terms.

Majority demands MNS that please finish this drama and it is better to go for “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to save your dynasty. Somehow or the other people around MNS are as well (really have proved to be) very unwise. This adventure will surely destroy his dynasty in Pakistan and abroad this time. Some sincere friend of MNS should take him in confidence to go for it. Revenge will create more problems, even an uneducated villager is aware of the bad intentions that he is settling his score. #Musharaf trial is fake and Shareef is settling score by humiliating ex General who fought in front line and he was not alone in imposing emergency in Pakistan. And he was very much entitled to do it. Please stop this drama. It is simply wastage of time and tax payer’s money.

This way image of #PakArmy is being damaged in Pakistan and abroad equally to the extent that one never thought of. Soon MNS will be thrown away if he does not mend his ways, at least by people of Pakistan who love their Army and motherland. The unbelievable harm and damage being caused to Army is much more than it was expected. Those sitting on #Kargil Peaks and resisting fighting by anti-Pakistan elements in Baluchistan are experiencing it well. It will be last nail in the coffin of Pakistan, if Ex-COAS #PervezMusharraf is tried on Treason case. Shame on those who planned it all; MNS with kitchen cabinet, Iftikhar, AAZ will repent on it, if they survive to see it.

Patriots must save Pakistan and they can do it if “Mard E Ahan” #ISPR can go for a short term four point agenda. Detailed long term planning is another aspect to be dealt by committees of experts and professionals on subjects of Corruption, Mullahism, feudalism and True Democracy.

1. Corruption: Widespread Corruption from top to bottom, particularly in the government offices and police forces is to be controlled. In 2013, Pakistan scored 127 out of 175 on the Corruption Perceptions Index published by the Transparency International. The coalition government led by the PPP is criticised as the most corrupt government in the nation’s history but in just few months MNS government has beaten that record. The corruption was the main factor in Election 2013 when the PPP-led government was voted out from office and same is expected for present government in a short time.

Corruption Termite of politicians has eaten up all resources of Pakistan leaving behind a fragile economy. People of Pakistan witnessed better economic growth during military rule than the fake democracy eras as they were able to meet the basic needs of their families in a reasonable way. The laws like Prevention of Corruption Acts: 1947, 1950 and 1958, National Accountability Bureau Ordinance, 1999 and Provincial legislation against corruption in provinces has really not achieved any sustainable results that could satisfy the people of Pakistan. Mainstream and Social Media has played a reasonable role to highlight the evil practices but has failed to have meaningful results from the Corrupt Departments like Judiciary, police, Revenue, health and education and major organisations.

2. Mullahism: It started from the day respected Liaqat Ali Khan in 1949, once he gave in for Objective Resolution. Further it got strengthen in 1974 under cover of Anti-Ahmadiyya Riots pleasing Moalvis by adopting Amendment No. 2 by Assembly declaring #Ahmadis Not-Muslim. Role of Gen Zia ul Haq was the most damaging to the state through promulgation of Ordinance XX. The resistance to USSR invasion of Afghanistan cemented an unforgettable role of Pakistan backed by KSA and USA. Now it is really a monster that needs to be buried once for all. Mullahism turned into Terrorism threatening the very existence of Pakistan and real danger for rest of the world should be uprooted from Pakistan’s territory. Until mullahism is completely eliminated (once for all from Pakistan), there is no possibility that we can emerge as progressive and an expected developed nation. Instead we remain beggars to USA, KSA, Gulf States and now states like Bahrain even.

3. Feudalism: Pakistan really needs a good dose of land reform to break up feudal power. The feudal seldom make any direct contribution to agricultural production. Instead, all work is done by the peasants. This creature does not hesitate operating private prisons for their enemies. The feudal make local people dependant through debt bondage, generation after generation. Due to ownership and control of land and human resources, he is powerful enough to influence the distribution of water, fertilisers, tractor permits and agricultural credit and, consequently exercises considerable influence over the revenue, police and judicial administration of the area and ultimately getting their votes. Almost half of Pakistan’s GNP and the bulk of export are derived primarily from the agricultural sector controlled by a few thousand feudal families. With such an economic power, they easily pre-empted political power. They have controlled bureaucracy and even military since 1947 till date and from this class we have many business magnates today in Pakistan.

Until feudalism is eradicated through effective agricultural reforms we cannot emerge as educated and developing nation. This dirty mentality never allows people to have real education keeping them ignorant of developments taking place in other parts of the world. No revolutionary or democratic thoughts could develop in people. In India and the rest of the Subcontinent, most of the feudal systems were abolished after the independence. Unfortunately our Parliament has totally failed to do that except half hearted and minor agricultural reforms by both Ayub Khan and ZA Bhutto.

4. True Democracy: Pakistan was born through a democratic process and Pakistanis love democracy. Unfortunately it did not deliver any good to poor of Pakistan. Most of the times almost 200 rich corrupt families got benefitted, hence there is a shear need to have some other solution. People of Pakistan are waiting for some ironman for the well needed rescue. It should be made sure that after strict 3- 6 months’ iron fist rule, Pakistan should not fall back in corrupts’ hands once again, as they have miserably failed whenever they ruled Pakistan.

Hence a controlled democracy in shape of somewhat like a national government consisting of honest, experienced and goal oriented professionals should be placed for at least 10 years delivering the best to downtrodden. This will help us to have a true democracy, though some nations take a long time to have it. Election Commission of Pakistan report; “93% of election officials in general election were Punjab government employees”. Then how the present government is legal and lawful? The king makers (apart from incapable ECP and biased judges of the judiciary) are really responsible for the imposition of such a corrupt government on innocent and uneducated people. Now it is time to save Pakistan.

If free, fair and transparent elections are held now, the true representatives from middle class can get a chance, provided corrupts are punished within 90 days. In 1959 Ayub khan opted for EBDO to get rid of these leeches in fact. There has to be some mechanism to get back to Jinnah’s Pakistan. These feudal lords (though many turned into industrialists today) will never ever change the system as it benefits them by all means and deprives of the downtrodden.

To meet all these challenges only and only Gen (Retd) #PervezMusharraf is the choice because of his unmatchable true leadership qualities and international stature.

About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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