Pakistan: Problems and Solution

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” H J Kaiser. Everyone is conscious of problems that Pakistan is facing these days. But unfortunately no one is keen to solve them, at least in Pakistan.

Just naming these  could be acute Power Shortage that has destroyed our Agriculture and Industry sectors both, disturbing Police and Patwari Culture that benefits the so called people`s representatives, minimal Tax Base favouring the rich, negligible Health facilities, hypercritical standards of Education System producing and communities, Railways that still running on obsolete 2nd generation on diesel engines, PIA and  Steel Mills etc made ready to be privatized to fill the greedy stomachs of the corrupts, Corruption in every sphere of the society, Brutal and illogical System that allows Corrupts to sit in Parliament with no representatives of different real classes of our society. Biased and Corrupt decisions from the judiciary and Election commission of Pakistan, the Internal and external problems relating to provincial autonomy and foreign relations respectively.

Mullaism turned into Terrorism has inflicted enormous miseries on Pakistan`s economy and people. Gigantic loss of over 60,000 dead with 8 billion USD economic loss and still we are not clear how to handle this problem. It started with 1974 sectarian amendment and can only be finished by abolishing that discriminatory amendment that was further strengthen through Ordinance XX by the dictator Zia ul Haq in 1984. It all culminated in the shape of Jihadists because through this particular amendment the government itself opened the Pandora Box of Sectarianism that has no end.

We need a visionary leader that can take us back to Jinnah`s Pakistan. Regrettably we do not see any such personality in Pakistan leaving us gloomy and hopeless, in a way. Still few seasoned and experienced parliamentarians keep on trying their best to raise the issues but no one listens to them. Such voices most of the time fall on deaf ears. Thanks to columnists like Hassan Nisar to whom I owe this writing sharing some valuable quotes.  What is the vision? “ Vision is the art seeing things in visible.” Requirement is of a good manger that could at least think of few decades ahead meeting the basic needs of the people of Pakistan. So that they can live good life. It can only be done once the problems.

They say, “A real leader faces the music when he does not like the tune.” Had Gen Pervez MUSHARRAF dealt the last activities with greater vision and strict handling, surely we would have saved big loss to our economy and personal lives. No one could dare to say that his release is the result of NRO deal or due to weak cases presented in courts against him. The benighted use of sacred word “Shaheed” for a dog is too heathenish. Similarly reference to deals for Remand Davis and Hussain Haqani cases for a leader like Pervez MUSHARRAF are unthinkable and truly promoted by the ignorant and ill-informed.

Pakistan needs a leader to the calibre of M A Jinnah, Mustafa Kamal, Mahathir Mohammad, Lee Kuan Yew and Nelson Mandela. Those who built up their nations in difficult times with God gifted leadership qualities. Majority of Pakistanis are fed up from the atrocities of these corrupts in the name of democracy. These corrupts are so hungry and greedy that we can not wait another few months to let them loot this nation. AWAM are the best judge, they were not given a fair chance to elect their leaders in election 2013.  The biased system did not allow Gen Pervez Musharraf ( leader who is really an honest person, almost visionary, no corruption charges, of international stature, with proven and tested experience of course, capable of handling prevailing problems of Pakistan and the region as well ) and his party APML to contest the General elections. I did like the comments of J Mukhtar Sahib on FB ” Gen Pervez Musharraf is one of the top masculine assets of the country. During the past many decades none has represented common-person of Pakistan better than him. He has his roots in commonality, but certainly his calibre is exceptional. We need him in such difficult times, for honour, for prosperity, for way forward.”

It is high time that the money makers involved in frauds and money laundering on international level must go away and the real leadership should be given a chance to serve the nation through transparent elections under some international team with an aim to have back Jinnah`s Pakistan. This is the only solution acceptable to poor but patriotic people of Pakistan, as they are ready to support Gen (Retired) Pervez Musharraf for having a progressive, prosperous and proud Pakistan in very near future.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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9 Responses to Pakistan: Problems and Solution

  1. Shirazi says:

    Very touching and shows your deep concerns. To me we have compound problems. Any serious leader who has the country on priority and who works dedicatedly could win masses support.

  2. Zubair Khan says:

    Pakistan needs a leader to the calibre of M A Jinnah, Mustafa Kamal, Mahathir Mohammad, Lee Kuan Yew and Nelson Mandela. Those who built up their nations in difficult times with God gifted leadership qualities. Majority of Pakistanis are fed up from the atrocities of these corrupts in the name of democracy.

    It is your viewpoint. However realities on ground are different. Mind set of masses in the countries you referred is entirely different relative to the mind set of Pakistanis. Recent elections indicated majority is not fed up of corrupts. Even in by-elections same corrupts get majority votes. To me main solution lies in reformation of mind set of the nation. And the most important base for reformation is separation of state from religion. Current elite be the civil or military has no such visionary leader so no light at the end of the tunnel.

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