Blame USA for every horrific thing happening in Pakistan as it is the easiest position in Pakistan to go with

We identify that Jama’at e Islami and Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf  in KPK are on the same stand as far as the drone attacks are concerned. From the day-1, it is merely a lip service and this time both parties have succeeded swindling the innocent and uneducated voters. The ongoing practice that started well before and during the recent elections have not stopped, with no change in the unrealistic big slogans. Similarly at federal level PML-N and JUI have much resemblance. Federal government is happy to give an option of failure to PTI in KPK aiming that next elections prove to be complete disaster for PTI in entire of Pakistan.

In fact four of them were selected through hopeless exercise of elections in Pakistan. These Pro Taliban elements are not capable of delivering any good to the downtrodden people because the fate of anyone in the world who tries to use religion for political or factional interests has been always a  disaster at the end.

An excessive effort was put in to stop the liberal elements to take part freely in the elections  say PPP; the party that is the property of people of Pakistan. In this way great damage has been done to Pakistan by the planners of this game having forgot that PPP will bounce back as long as it adheres to Bhuttoism. This is the only party that has its deep roots in every part of Pakistan. It was astonishing that ANP was completely wiped off from the political scene. This strengthens this theory that liberal elements were intentionally put into such a situation. Now we see no more hectic threats by TTP and Taliban in KPK though earlier miscreants got suicide bombing intensified during election campaign. Similarly those days MQM was attacked regularly in Karachi.

And obviously APML lead by Gen ( R ) MUSHARRAF ( involved in any false and fabricated cases) was ruthlessly denied its basic right to reach its people. Millions of supporters believe that the biased and partial judiciary played its full part to accomplish the allocated role. How come an ex-COAS could not congregate the articles 62 and 63 where rest of the rotten lot got through easily despite well known fake degrees and loan defaults. Particularly once ruling party leadership involved in Asghar Khan case got through and till now people are waiting a implementation commission in this regard.

Present government was leaned to approach World Bank and IMF etc. from the very beginning. In fact it was ever ready for the loan as it suited both parties. Ultimately it  got loan of 5.3 billion dollars from IMF on the conditions dictated that government has to comply with. Consequently it will be the people who are having tough time in their daily lives and they will be the one to suffer poorly in future as well. On every budget session it is the people who have to sacrifice to repay the loans that rich utilise in the past. These billionaires never pay their share. The poor are there merely to pay the taxes and rich eat it up shamefully. How a country can improve its economic growth once its own Industrialist are taking out their businesses abroad? Regretfully on daily basis 3-4 crores dollars are being sent abroad through illegal “ Hundi “ schemes apart from legal transactions.

Actually we the people of Pakistan are not sincere to ourselves and to our generations to come as is true for our shameless leaders; the looters, tax evaders, loan defaulters, money launderers and indulged in lot many frauds. The loans received from  world bodies on behalf of Government of Pakistan are most of the times used callously by this putrid lot. They do not feel any shame eating up the share of unfortunate masses striving for basic bread and butter.

We as a mature enough nation should stop abusing USA and other friendly countries who keep on helping us regularly,  instead we need to put our own home in order. The only honest leader who has the vision, reliable proven past record and the ability to meet all these challenges is none other than Gen(R) Pervez MUSHARRAF. Trusting and praying to Allah Almighty that the Pakistani nation gets a right chance to be lead by this UNMATCHED LEADER. Amen.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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