PROUD PAKISTANIS ? Time to Act upon the Manifestos of Ruling Parties and Slogans of Elections

We need to live like PROUD PAKISTANIS and that can only be achieved by Self Reliance and Trust in God Almighty. There are many nations in our neighborhoods that have attained this intention in a very short time. Just few examples: Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

In recent past Pakistan is known abortive as benefits from Saindak Project did not reach the people and is on its way to waste Reko Diq Project too; both in Chagi, Balochistan. It contains wealth of large copper-gold ore deposits of varying grades. The Saindak Copper-Gold Mine: As per the lease agreement 50% of revenues from the mine go to MCC, 48% go to the Government of Pakistan, while 2% go to the Government of Balochistan . What an injustice!  With lot many ups and downs between provincial and federal governments now ultimately China’s Company; MCC was given the responsibility. Almost two years back the Pakistan government extended MCC’s lease of the Saindak mine by another 5 years from October 2012. Under the re-negotiated terms of the lease, MCC would receive 45% of proceeds from the mine, while Balochistan would receive an additional 5%.

The Reko Diq area is part of the Tethyan Magmatic Arc extending to many countries. The agreed shares of  75% of Tethyan Company against 25% for Govt of Balochistan is a total loss to Pakistan. A large scale, state of the art mining and processing unit is required at Reko Diq. How come a country that could make atom bomb it can not do this project? Here we need commitment and honest management. Self Reliance could have been the best option. If our scientist and mining engineers are unable to meet the challenge then at least a fair deal should have been agreed upon. Dishonest leaders filled up their foreign accounts forgetting the poor of Pakistan.  All such contracts and MOUs must be revisited to stop the wealth of Pakistan going in foreign hands.

Gawadar seaport is another big bone of contentions between big powers. Its importance , “Gwadar Port is situated near the strategic Strait of Hormuz and its busy trading and oil shipping lanes. The region is home to around two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves. It is also the nearest warm-water seaport to the landlocked, but energy rich, Central Asian Republics and landlocked Afghanistan.” Here too it has been leased to China just for very little benefits to Pakistan. In Feb 2013 Pakistan formally awarded a multi-billion dollars contract for construction and operation of Gwadar Port to China.

Under the contract, the port which will remain the property of Pakistan but would be operated by the state-run Chinese firm — China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC). Earlier Agreement was signed between Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and Concession Holding Company (CHC) a subsidiary of Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) in 2007. It is 40 year lease agreement for operating and managing Gwadar Port. The GPA will receive the fixed share of revenues: 9% from Cargo operations and Marine services. 15% from Gwadar Free Zone business. No duty would be imposed on the machinery and equipment to be imported for development work in this area and for port operations, for 40 years. The CHC (the port operator) will have complete exemption from corporate tax for 20 years. Duty exemption for shipping lines and bunker oil for Gwadar port for 40 years. The CHC will have complete exemption from all local and provincial taxes for 20 years.

Isn’t it Unbelievable. We do respect our Pak –China Friendship but the question is who made the money in such a unreasonable deal.

Once the decision making powerful leaders are basically corrupt, we can’t be in close proximity to our national goals even in next hundred years. These leaders after getting their share in form of kickbacks do give away such a wealth to foreigners in pennies, it could be China; our so called tested friend or any other nation for that matter. If this practice keeps going then how can we move forward and eliminate the poverty; 49% Pakistanis are living below poverty line. Similarly the Power shortage is just bogus problem based on artificial shortage. Also these leaders from either party; PPP or PML-N made money in the past and also in the deal of railway engines from China; 61 out of 69 are out of order in a very petite time.

Apart from economic problems the missing persons and  killings on regular basis in Balochistan must come to an end. Similarly the situation in Karachi is a big issue. Punishment across the board and above the political affiliations is the solution. Do not spare anyone in any case. The culprits must be punished  through courts vigorously. The Police and other agencies need to have closer interaction to facilitate the court’s job; delivering the justice in its true spirit. Last time our judiciary released almost 1,000 terrorists with one stroke of the pen saying that court has not been provided perfect evidence though majority of Pakistanis are well aware of the main reason. Who does not covet to save his life?

It necessitates that elected representatives should make sure for strict accountability laws. There should be no leniency known to anyone for the cases presented to NAB and other institutions. Apart from financial accountability the moral and administrative accountability be made of our lives. The business community must pay the tax on each and every penny earned as the factory workers and other employees do it regularly since the creation of this country. Every citizen should be provided compulsorily a tax number as is done in case of National ID card. There is factual need of be broadening of our national tax base.

There are heaps of horrific examples that I really feel pain like my fellow citizens of this unfortunate country but can not do anything. The state of affairs has gone so shoddier that we really need to have fear of our Creator because without that we can’t get rid of this corruption and greed or lust of money and power in our society. At the same time discrimination and persecution of minorities; Ahmadis, Shias, Christians and Hindus etc must be stopped and all discriminatory laws be abolished without  further delay because it is damaging our place and position amongst the nations in the world. Also targeting ,for treason under Clause 6 of the constitution, of just one person; Gen Pervez Musharraf  is definitely not the wise solution. It will bring more divide in the society and can even deprive us from the young democracy. We need to have Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

The nation must realise that only few hundred families say 100 families in entire of Pakistan are eating up our all national resources and wealth while the voters and people are just to cast their votes after every few years and be regular taxpayers. It is time that the mere shouting of slogans be stopped and please get on to the real work; implementation of manifestoes of ruling parties. The people of Pakistan know that zero corruption is not possible in prevailing circumstances but at least it can be minimized to reasonable level. Provide us a chance to live like Proud Pakistanis.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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4 Responses to PROUD PAKISTANIS ?

  1. Vlasta (Amina) Moro says:

    BismillahirRahmanirRahim, SubhanAllah, I feel me honoured express my Feelings in that way, Thank you sir Muhammad Ayyub.
    Frankly I recognise through this 3 years which I follow intensive of the Pakistani situations , I can confirm that – Ahmadyan efforts for Naya Pakistan is with positive marked deeds in the relation to achieving common Goals like for the Educations on place ( gives new ideas in acceptance of easy Systems for positive comunication) ). Next, Problems of minorities in the Pakistan as well in Saudiarabia , Bahrein etc.Which included in the common fight against Corruption in Pakistan. I witnessed also common fight against the violence in Burma, Palestina, Muhammads (pbuh) caricatures. against violence on Shia Muslims in Pakistan.But more I get to see with ahmady group and the PTI members as the youth of Imran Khan and the poor farmers who likes PTI.
    The Generel Motivation to help Ahmady Institution is simple, I am not KOMPETENT to punish Ahmadys for their past except our Almighty. Because I HAVE STRONG fAITH to my GOD AND MY BEST LEADER muhammad (pbuh)… but to say good words for their bussy work 🙂 for help all Pakistanis, regardless on Religion, Status, Groups etc.The commendation to swiss Green Party and their University as well with their doctors, swiss scientists and other politians, as well with swiss Sozial Party… etc. And big work which did made sir Yahya Hasan Bajwa with his “Living Education ” Delegation is realy respectfull, I hope that all invested efforts will be accept for Global Peace and love for TRUTH and for
    Changes like bad in positive attitudes & Habits with good words in Future and less silence or closed minds. So God is willing.

    • ayyubkulla says:

      Thanks a lot Respected Ms. Vlasta Moro for your time and believe me it is very well analysed with respect to Issues in Pakistan these days; Minorities like Ahmadis, Corruption factor in the Society, Role of PTI and obviously Education. I will personally convey your feelings to Dr Bajwa. It is hoped that Pakistan moves on path leading to Tolerance and Progress.

      • My pleasure sir Muhammad Ayyub, acctually I think Dr. Yahya Hasan Bajwa did explained me before the main Situation in Pakistan for 2 years ago, because I was sent him Request to help Pakistan in the time where Imran Khan started his movement for Justice. I have get after 6 months after call from Pakistan (Islamabad) from sir Yahya that he is in Pakistan with “Living Education” Delegation on Mission for help the Girls and women in the freedom of education. Yes, I was happy and from that Moment I knew sir Yahya is comming from Ahmady minority, but I didn t make prejudice. I did recognized that same what I get to hear nearly of my Mufti who gave me also stability in my work for Naya (Healthy ) Pakistan – 🙂 . Althought I know that we all are making big or small mistakes Comes from ignorance or however… we are human beings. At last we have to take all the results depend of our FAITH AND BELIEVES. Thank you sir Muhammad! I wish you best work to Change Pakistan and more help for Imran Khans good ideas and more changes in Health politic and much more. I also see still it gives to much to work after current govt. done cardinal mistakes in past. In sha Allah , Allah makes easier, ameen!

  2. ayyubkulla says:

    Agree and we all work together for the betterment of Mankind with particular emphasis on progress and development in Pakistan these days.

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