I didn’t like Gen Musharraf’s last action of against CJ thinking that President is getting on more and more dictatorship and is eager to have more powers. Moreover his choice of opportunists Chaudhrys of Gujrat PML-Q, the way PPP was kept out always disturbed me. Her Killing at Company Bagh made me very sad and I am still as such. But I never believed that Musharraf could go to that extent as NRO was in my mind. I had been strong supporter of PPP since its creation by ZA Bhutto’s in Lahore and in heart of my heart still have soft opinion for PPP. Having gone through these 5 years of destruction lead by Zardari’s PPP and in Punjab the Shareefs, the feudal /Sardars’ looting in Baluchistan etc., I feel the shear need of a patriot leadership for Pakistanis who have been mislead many times in the history.
Now I realize that Gen Musharraf was right to get rid of this CJ because the TIME itself has proved as such. Particularly CJ’s full declivity and leaning towards Shareef brothers of PML-N like that of our caretaker interior minister. How come Shehbaz Shareef passed all the time on just a Stay Order of the court? Undoubtedly I believe it is time to say TRUTH. Pakistan once again needs Musharraf straight away. Mr Imran Khan and his PTI is in a state of denial, not cooperating with Gen Sahib cause because PTI supporters don’t realise the ground realities hence they are bit flaunt or you could say jingoism these days. It will take a little time to come out of this state of mind. They will realize it soon and same goes for decision makers. Rest, trial under article 6 etc is total drama. First they should hang Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Judiciary elements who favoured Martial laws from time to time in our bad history from the very beginning , Ameerul Momineen Zia ul Haq, ISI chiefs who created IJI and followed that thinking and the benefactors, all those who got money and stole the VOTE of PPP/BB Shaheed, Gen Assad , Gen Aslam, the PCO judges including Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry and retired and serving Officers from Army , the bureaucrats who helped Musharraf in ousting Nawaz Shareef. Those who are involved in NRO, if it is a crime, and the father of Arsalan Chaudhry who made millions in his father’s name and so on as it is a long list.
Even today many of my friends are astonished that why I have suddenly started supporting the ex-dictator instead of PTI, as they knew that PML-N and rightists like JUI, JI can never be my choice as I hate mullaism turned into Terrorism. Also PPP is no more my choice after the destruction I have seen in these years under the leadership of Asif Ali Zardari? To me Gen Pervez Musharraf can only save our Pakistan in these difficult times. It has been shocking that his party failed to do the homework before his arrival in Pakistan. The present ECP is the weakest and almost dummy and obviously courts are very much biased as far as Gen Musharraf is concerned. The CJ has, no doubt, very personal grudge against Gen Musharraf and will endeavour to go to extreme limits, forgetting his own limits but in vain , InshaAllah.
APML leadership should be alert and must make a panel of competent lawyers immediately whatever has to be paid. Most important is realising that it is the proper time to make the sleeping souls to wake up for fear that you get too late as was in ZA Bhutto’s case in our shameful history. Every Pakistani must stand behind Gen Musharraf proving that the majority is not thankless bunch of stupid crowd living in Pakistan. We still remember the days once our GDP was the best in the region, we could talk boldly to India on Kashmir and had our say in regional issues. We remember why ZA Bhutto was hanged and why Benazir Bhutto were martyred. We will not let the history repeat. We denounce all those being used by the hands of others. We know the real motives of this anticipated trial under article 6 of the constitution hence we know who should lead us in these difficult times. GEN PERVEZ MUSHARRAF IS THE ONLY CHOICE OF INTELLIGENT AND PATRIOTIC PAKISTANIS.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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  1. amer masood says:

    I trust Mr.Musharaf because he has served our Army over 40 years with high achievements. In these times of our country brave and sincere leadership is must. We advocate his second term in the of President.

    • amer masood says:

      Nobody is so fortunate to get thorough problems easily.In his sturggle now he must know he is with who,why and who is loyal to him.

  2. I totally agree with you and I would like to share my thoughts on Gen Pervez Musharraf, A huge number of people think that he was a dictator and Americans do not want dictatorship in Pakistan. That’s why they are going to vote PTI instead of him. This is just a funny and illogical thought because the people yet do not know that HOW CAN IMRAN KHAN RUN THE WHOLE COUNTRY? as this will be his first time. Maybe he can do it but people have to think that if he CANNOT then what will happen with them in next 5 years. It is a big Question Mark. If they think that Mr Musharraf was responsible for the decrease in the value of Pakistani Rupee then they should think that how much Pakistan earned with this. The people living abroad came in Pakistan and spend DOLLARS here and Pakistani businessmen earned much more than before. And his best achievement was LAL MASJID OPERATION, where girls can fire with heavy weapons and where the CUTE STUDENTS can kill the soldiers with sniper rifles and where a small number of students can fight with the SEVENTH LARGEST ARMY in the world. I think he always did great decisions for Pakistan in those prevailing circumstances.

  3. ayyubkulla says:

    Thanks both Mr. Ehtesham Ahmed and Mr. Amer Masood for very realistic approach. It is time to speak TRUTH. A brilliant example was set by well known and respected Abdus Sattar Edhi Sahib today on 12th April. What a clear statement came from him! Thanks to people thinking like him and obviously you both are the pioneers. May be this way we can reclaim the Pakistan of our forefathers in 1947.

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