Yesterday Mr. Aleem Ahmad; a young man from Sialkot asked me that is there any chance that things get on right path in Pakistan?  He like many other Pakistanis is demoralized and worried about the motherland. Certainly it remains a difficult question to be answered and we cant close our eyes in any sagacity. We need to find the elucidation that brings some sort of hope, peace and satisfaction to patriot people of Pakistan.

We could be pragmatic to certain extant to find the reality believing rather hoping that things will be OK in certain time. Say, let us wait for the result of general elections provided the King makers don’t do much harm to Pakistan. Though many are of the opinion that it will be a hang parliament once again and the leaders have to collaborate with each other to make the new government. During election exercise at the same time nation has to be vigilant so that it is not used by its enemies. How unfortunate are we that the most fool nation on earth, I will say, is fighting on pity opinion differences. These opinion differences are not that big that cant be swallowed up. We can live with these differences as we have been living with them for centuries showing bit of tolerance. Pakistanis are heading to self destruction. To my opinion we need to handle this Mullah-ism factor first, irrespective of the fact(s) that who created it first in our peaceful society and who all helped them at different times later on. Today Mullah is sitting in a driving seat and all others including our tough army have become so helpless that it was never observed in our age,  at least.

Negotiations with Taliban should get priority. Mr. Imran Khan of PTI has been stressing on this point for many years. Thanks that now many other leaders have realised this reality. And in past some agreements were made too with these miscreants but got failed after certain time. We still remember that how Naik Muhammad was killed just after reaching a deal. The ISI of Pakistan  Army and the political leadership is well aware of those forces who brought Pakistan to this sad state of affairs.  The government is in bargain with self created Jihadis and in return the entire nation is suffering and paying the price. The economical loss ranging in billions of dollars and killing of over 50,000 innocent Pakistanis is unforgettable side of this conflict. The 9/11 immediate indignant nation and its allies are much safer than the one who did not had any role in that unfortunate incident; Pakistan.  It should be clear that patriot Pakistanis don’t need any strategic depth in Afghanistan, whatsoever. A strong Afghanistan is in favour of Pakistan, we believe in this very firmly.  Once NATO forces leave Afghanistan in 2014, it is going to be a big blow to many opinion makers and analysts because the last experience, once USSR left this unfortunate land, was very bad for both Afghanis and Pakistan obviously. At this moment it is believed that Britain as part of U.S.-led NATO troops will end its occupation of Afghanistan after about 14 years in 2014. It is the fourth invasion of Afghanistan with the involvement of the UK military. The British invaded Afghanistan and occupied Kabul almost 175 years ago, only to be violently driven out a few years later.

Then the occupiers totally misread the complexities of the country they invaded as did the Russians afterward.  Every time the religion of invaders is very offensive to many Muslim Afghans. The invaders have not understood the Pashtoonwali tradition so far. The uprising against invaders forced them to retreat. In the end they were  all wiped out as they fled.  This is the disastrous story of the UK’s first invasion of Afghanistan of 1839-1842. No one learned the lesson and ultimately these invasions had created problems for the region every time. The last two invasions has totally disrupted Pakistani and Afghani societies. The international forces responsible for this destruction in the region must accept their responsibility to reconstruct  both countries; Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Our interior Minister Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik says that Taliban usually come to negotiations once they are on weak footings. This sort of assessment will lead us no where. It is time to resolve the matter through negotiations. On either side the sincerity matters. The picking of three political leaders asked as guarantors by Taliban shows that who has soft corner for these Jihadis. The question is who will in return give the guarantee for these Taliban?  For well known reasons the government is on weak footings and so is the Judiciary of Pakistan. Note that few weeks back respected CJ forgives over 1,000 accused from different extremist groups saying that police didn’t prepare their cases properly. For a layman these are all lame excuses. It  should be understood that every institution has great responsibility to safeguard the interests of Pakistan. Hence the  police and courts must be vigilant to punish the culprits and there should be complete understanding between the institutions responsible to keep peace and calm in the country. Isn’t it strange enough that in over a decade no Jihadi has been punished. Everyone is afraid of them or they don’t punish them as still they are thinking to use them in some other future positions. Apart from poor governance on part of present Pakistani government, here too the Americans must accept their responsibility. Had they been sincere to Pakistan they would have assured Pakistan lending an unconditional support so that Pakistan does not have to lean to Jihadis in difficult times, particularly once they leave this region. The USA would have assured Pakistan that it will stand by Pakistan to survive as a sovereign state at least though the just support to Kashmir Conflict is vital as well.

We know it that Pakistan has lost the best chance to get resolved the Jammu and Kashmir conflict many years back as once Europe and USA has invested a lot in India. Today’s world is of economics and not of just verbal friendship. The moral values, principles and friendship have no meanings in vindictive foreign relations. Had Pakistan got all this investments, things must have been very different in this region. No doubt that a strong Pakistan is in favour of Kashmiris too but today a weak Pakistan gives a chance to Kashmiris to depart its way from Pakistan fully forgetting how roughly Pakistan has suffered for their cause. The Kashmir Conflict would have been solved a decade back. But unfortunately whenever the two neighbours try to reach certain agreement, the so called unseen hands; internal and external, disrupt the whole process. India has been telling lies to entire world for holding plebiscite in Kashmir for first three decades just to gain time and today it doesn’t bother talking seriously to solve the conflict. The killing of thousands of Kashmiris and atrocities caused to respectable Kashmiri women, innocent children and elderly people are all unforgiveable by any standards of basic human values. It is only Pakistan that speaks for Kashmiris uninterrupted, rest of the world pays no attention to this cause except low voice coming out of UK and EU occasionally. It is time to understand that like Afghanis, the Kashmiris too can solve their problems at their own. They have all the capabilities particularly in internet age. We have already lost half of Pakistan for these cold-hearted Kashmiris  but still many of them don’t divulge the sacrifices of Pakistan rather accuse Pakistan for totally invalid reasons just to please the India where they see their future bit secured hiding it behind the chunky curtains of Independent Kashmir. Very intentionally the Kashmir was made the bone of contention between two neighbours. The things started for Kashmir in 1948 once Indian forces occupied the Jammu and Kashmir against the will of the people. The UNO resolutions were set aside by India to gain time and to certain extant it has succeeded in its ghastly goal. It culminated in 1965 giving an upper edge to Pakistan from military point of view.  India took the revenge and we paid it in 1971 in terms of the creation of Bangladesh. Now it is time that Pakistan, America, Afghanistan, Iran and India along with regional forces like China and Russia must find a sensible solution of both problems together, once again I stress the word, “ together”, but ironically there seems to be no chance that Kashmir gets discussed so that it is acceptable to all parties involved; People of Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan and India. The regional solution of both problems is the only just and reasonable solution that can bring peace in the region and in world too.

For Pakistan Karachi and Baluchistan are of vital importance as is each and every inch of its territory. The enemies of Pakistan are in full gear to give tough time to this nation. The enemies are using many nationalists to split away Baluchistan. But they are forgetting, it is not East Pakistan nor it is 1971. The patriot Balochis are all well determined to teach these enemies a lesson this time. Let India, Afghanistan do their best with the help of so called friends of Pakistan who are doing all the harms to Pakistanis. We respect others and similarly others must give full respect to the sovereignty of the Pakistani nation. The mineral resources of Baluchistan and its strategic location should have not been that much problem between two civilised people.  We have been with them since SEATO, CENTO pacts and many other difficult times around the globe. And every time we are betrayed but not this time. Pakistanis are ready to accept the challenge. The present government or far that matter the coming government all are one in this task to safeguard the territories of Pakistan, could it be Baluchistan or FATA or Karachi. If Sri Lanka can handle the problem of terrorism, we the Pakistanis are reasonably capable to do it in a less time.

The sad aspect is that the nation and the leadership is sleeping and enjoying the corruption fruits. It is an open secret that all parties are involved in killings in Karachi as was the verdict of Apex court. They all are being used by the strong and intelligent thought of the enemy. The end game is separation of Karachi with its surrounding districts. The statements coming after having travelled on Indian passports by MQM leadership is enough proof that what the ultimate aims are. Can a patriot Pakistani think of using Indian Passport and having negotiations with Indians. Similarly the containers of huge destructive magnitude, the weapons got disappeared regularly for many years in Karachi. All these weapons are being used and will be used in future against Pakistan. The leadership of MQM has become so powerful that PM and President of Pakistan request to get time meeting Mr. Altaf Hussain in London. The Sind Governor has once again dashed getting advice from the boss in London. They have miserably used the resources of Pakistanis to make their voters strong with these weapons. To encounter this threat in Karachi the other parties came to help their workers. Could it be PPP, ANP, MQM or JI and others miscreants and terrorists, all are responsible for the killings in Karachi. Even the courts pass their verdicts seeing the mood of such parties. How many apprehended accused have been hanged so far by the courts? None. Even the mercy appeal files are on President’s table for years. Another clear example of monopoly of MQM in Karachi is of Registration of Voters in Karachi these days. How miserably courts have failed to give the right decision, whatever the grounds are. Similarly one can’t have high hopes and optimism from the Election Commission of Pakistan as it has become disputable even before the election itself. It has somehow or the other deviated from its genuine decisions many a times in just last few weeks. The ECP has to cut a sorry figure in front of whole nation in respect of false degrees of hundreds of parliamentarians that these corrupts got together to protect their interests. Also there is no mentions of Ahmadi voters whatsoever by this ECP despite the repeated appeals from international organisations. How these elections can be termed as free, fair and transparent once millions of Ahmadis are intentionally compelled to refrain from taking part in any election activities. What else could be the mistreatment to such a polite, peaceful and patriot citizens of this motherland. Ahmadis will never ever participate until unless they are made part of one and only one General Voter List. There should be no discrimination whatsoever on the basis of Faith of some community. The present government has been talking a lot about the Reconciliation for its power holding purposes. It did few good amendments too in the constitution but didn’t dare to touch the Ahmadiyya issue. Such a coward leadership is in destiny of Pakistan thinking themselves more wise having forgotten that such cleverness will not save them from the wrath of God. Discrimination based on faith matters is totally unacceptable by any norms of civilisation and moral values. Remember that Pakistan is a fundamental signatory to Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Those were the times that Pakistan had a respectable place in the community of nations as a talented and competent son of Ahmadiyya community Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan was on helm of the foreign affairs. Unfortunately these days the state is deviating consistently rather for the last four decades since 1974 it has become tool in the hands of Mullah-ism.

In nutshell the Moral Values and fear of God have vanished from the society and this is the major stumbling block to our problems.  The corruption is on its peak. The shortage in power out-put has resulted into closedown of hundreds of factories in Pakistan reducing the exports to other countries. The institutions have come to their lowest level in our 66 years national history. The poor have been compelled to think of only their daily bread and butter and nothing else, though earlier as well  they had no tangible say in state matters in a feudal society. These unfortunate have been left with no chance to think of patriotism or their basic constitutional rights, probably this was the goal of enemy. The feudalism need to be hammered with full force so that people of Pakistan can live through the fruits of democracy. The political parties must include this issue in their manifestos this time with a strong will to implement it in later years of governance. In all this gloomy picture there is still a hope that some liberal and sincere leadership will emerge in result of next elections. PTI lead by Mr. Imran Khan has given some hope to the youth but the leader himself is inexperienced and has been surrounded by the theocrats who left  JI in the past for certain reasons along with many big guns whose past is not very gleaming. How come a leader with a bad team can deliver good that people of Pakistan are expecting? We have example of late ZA Bhutto who miserably failed to give the rights of poor in presence of feudal lords. In his last years he joined hands with Mullahs to survive but then it was too late. However Bhutto sowed the seeds of hatred and sectarianism in our peaceful society not making use of his intelligence. Later on Gen Zia ul Haq went most horrible with the promulgation of Ordinance XX; a terrible uniqueness to our constitution that no other state acquires in the world.

Similarly straightforward people still think of Gen Perviz Musharaf whose APML has failed to attract the masses so far. He is still waiting for an appropriate time to come back and participate in elections but in fact he is getting late. People do miss him that it was bit peaceful atmosphere those days with little stability in prices of commodities. But many misinterpreted or true stories; the dollars for selling Pakistanis, the drones attacks in FATA, the killing of Sardar Akbar Bugti and failure to bring under control the Taliban effects are such issues that bring a big question in his comeback to the politics of Pakistan. He is of liberal, secular, enlightened thought and experienced leader but not a democrat in its true spirit. Gen Musharaf still has a chance, not because of his wonderful performance in a decade with full authority but because of poor performance of PPP lead coalition government and worst governance by PML-N in Punjab. The PPP vote bank can still play its role and if PPP manages to secure certain number of seats in assemblies then PhD in politics of Zardari can astonish many in Pakistan and abroad, as he is master of getting members on his side though he learnt it all from Nawaz Sharif of PML-N but is much better for getting better results at the end.

To safeguard this country in prevailing circumstances the courts and army have their role in the constitution for oppressed and demoralized society of Pakistan.  The next election is a big hope for every patriot Pakistani and these elections are very crucial for the very existence of Pakistan. The youth should not be disappointed rather should get ready to play its vital role in coming general elections. It is hoped that a sincere, liberal and secular leadership emerging in result of these elections can save the nation and put back Pakistan on road of peace and prosperity, even if it is a hung parliament. This can only be done by the voters proving that they are not fools.




About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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