A Tough Challenge to Wisdom of Pakistani Nation to Reclaim Pakistan

It is time to save the nation. Stop killing Hazarah Shias or say Shias in Quetta or for that matter any minority in Pakistan. And stop saying each other the infidel. We need no “Fatwas” at all from the most cursed creature on the earth in last era as per saying of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), usually known as Mullahs. There should be No KUFR  echoes in the society on very regular basis and such initiatives must be discouraged at all levels in the government and NGOs too.  Religion is a mere relationship between a person and her/his Creator. No one else has the right, hence should not  interfere and poke her/his nose in it. The leaders of MUSLIM UMMAH should go for UNITY. The so called scholars  should come up with doable solutions to the problems of the Ummah. The Anti-Religion clauses in the Constitution of Pakistan (Article 295. 296, 297, 298 and Ordinance XX itself) must get abolished at earliest because the sectarianism got accelerated since the promulgation of such laws as this remains the cruel fact of our recent history. Now this awful sectarianism has turned into Terrorism leaving over 50,000 killed in so called “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan. Until the root cause is dealt with, the disease can’t be alleviated rather properly cured. First it was Ahmadiyya in 1974, today it is Shia community.  Who knows whose turn will be the next and this way as per logical thinking there is no end. The Wahabi-ism/ Salfis are playing havoc in our society with their oil money. We request them to please leave our country at earliest. We can solve our problems at our own as this nation is very much capable of it. We are fed up with the help of our friends like Saudis, Tajiks, Afghans, Americans, European, Uzbeks and many “well wishers”  from around the entire world.

I know this brief note will disturb many fundamentalists  along with simple people who are made fool every time. But let it be clear to all that this is the main cause of problems and disturbances in Pakistan these days, though corruption and weak leadership turned into corrupt bad governance have its own effects on the foolish, ever sleeping and simple rather ignorant population of Pakistan. This nation has been fooled intentionally for the pure greed of power by the power hungry politicians. We can not remain silent to mention PM Liqat Ali Khan, Mumtaz Doltana, PM ZA Bhutto, General Zia ul Haq in this power hungry moves. We are just beating the bush and not going for the reality. The leaders are coward bunch of low vision and don’t have the courage to tell the truth to this fool nation. Nation needs to know the truth of sectarianism that what were the mottoes  declaring fellow countrymen infidel, at least after four decades. And Pakistani nation should not be fooled in coming elections too. We hate sectarianism because it is the cause that has full potential to eliminate Pakistani nation from the map of the world. Can the citizens of Pakistan collectively, having chosen a sincere leadership, handle the tough challenge posed to wisdom of Pakistani nation?


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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