Can we term coming elections in Pakistan as free, fair and transparent without the participation of 3-4 million Ahmadis?

Ahmadis are patriot citizens like any other citizen of Pakistan. Their services in creation of Pakistan as proud supporter of the Pakistan Movement are much admirable than any other religious community of that time particularly the AHRAR, Jamaat Islami and JUI etc. And the services by Ahmadis for the defense of Pakistan have been extremely brilliant in both peace and war times. Like any other wise Pakistani, the Election Commission of Pakistan chairman  Fakharuddin G Ibrahim must be aware of this fact.

Almost four decades back in 1974 they were declared not-Muslim by a bunch of 240 people lacking wisdom siting in our parliament that had opened door to SECTARIANISM first; presently turned into Terrorism- a real danger harming and disturbing entire of the world. To get out of this situation we need to condemn terrorism at all levels and in all shapes. One easy solution: Cut the root of Terrorism that is just finish Sectarianism in Pakistan with an iron hand. First it was turn of Ahmadis, now a days Shia Muslim are having their share. Remember Ahmadis were once  Ahmadi Muslim till 1974. Today’s Muslims, I mean to say, Shia should not be treated like non-Muslim as still Shia are Muslim under the Constitution of Pakistan. In 2010 two Ahmadiyya Mosques (usually even our vibrant and so called free media hesitate to call it a Mosque rather said the worship place for Ahmadis) in Lahore were attacked by Terrorists right under the nose of provincial government  87 Ahmadis were killed and recently almost same number of  Shias were slaughtered in Quetta. In simple words, there should be ONE AND ONLY ONE LIST OF VOTERS IN PAKISTAN to get rid of discrimination on the basis of religion; that is a relationship between GOD the CREATOR and its CREATION. No one else (say an individual or any State) has a right to poke the nose in this matter. If you do not agree to Ahmadis’ version of KHATAMAN NABAYYIN, (they do believe in this very verse of Qura’an, its  wording, meaning but differ with Muslim majority in its TAFSEER a little bit) well, do not accept them as Muslim. But in any case you have no right whatsoever to ask them accepting a religion that is not their religion in fact. There should be no restriction on Ahmadis or for that matter any citizen of Pakistan as regard to her/his choice of religion. Why any Pakistani should be asked to curse  and abuse some one particularly the founder of a respectable sect called Ahmadiyya Musliman since 1901 while applying for ID or Passport etc. In Pakistan? Whereas  Ahmadis believe in 5 pillars of Islam, 6 elements of Faith, believe in “Fiqha Hanfiyya Ahmadiyya” and are no less practicing “Momin” than anyone else; even Allama Iqbal, Abul Kalam Azad admit that. They are equal citizens of Pakistan hence they should have a right to cast their vote on equal basis along with full opportunities for all offices in Pakistan.  If even this time the State does not provide fair chance of voting finishing the ongoing discrimination Ahmadis will never vote, particularly once they have to declare themselves as not-Muslim. Will we carry on the illogical practice for another 4 decades? Then believe me, we as a nation will be too late to get respect from the nations living on the globe.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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