Save Lives Of Seven Pakistani And Libyan Men Abducted In Libya

If your son or brother is abducted in a foreign country and the kidnappers have strongly demonstrated that they are very much capable of killing him, how will you feel sitting thousand miles away from your near one? Two days back I got this shocking news from a friend and could not sleep throughout the night. These people are not my blood relatives but I can’t stop it writing for them and I hope no one else can do that if she / he has  somewhat a kind heart.

I am writing this on my blog to seek your kind and timely help saving 7 precious lives of innocent Ahmadis who are presently under severe danger of death in Libya. Don’t get saddened by the word Ahmadis because they are humans first and not-Muslim under Constitution of Pakistan since 1974. Mind it before that all Ahmadis were Muslims rather staunch Muslims. Even Allama Iqbal did not hesitate to write that.

The organisation that has kidnapped Pakistani and Libyan brothers is known as “AL Majlis Askari of Qarji Area“in Tripoli. These extremist kidnappers are basically Salfies / Wahabis.  They are compelling abducted Ahmadis “Mus^^^s?” to denounce Ahmadiyya faith and fall back into Salfi version of Islam, otherwise the organisation is determined to kill them all.

Having forgotten “the very meanings of the world Islam are ‘peace’ and ‘security’ ” the organisation has committed the criminal act of abduction with strong possibility to kill them. So far 6 Ahmadis were abducted from different places and yet another Ahmadi is being searched extensively by these terrorists. Names of these 7 individuals are:-

1. Mr. Abdus Sami, President Ahmadiyya Jamaat Libya was abducted and beaten very badly. He is in very serious condition and about to die from the torture received by the hands of this organisation.

2. Mr. Muadh Al Goul, a Libyan citizen

3. Mr. Haris Ahmad

4. Mr. Jawad Ahmad

5. Mr. Noor

6. Mr. Imran

7. Also for Mr. Mustapha Faraj Alhadi, Libyan citizen, hectic efforts are being exercised to find him and his non Ahmadi brothers have been tortured to the utmost.

In this way in Libya, the extremist, fundamentalist, fanatic and terrorist have once again proven that they will target anything that comes in their way, and they care least for conflicting miseries on innocent people – even if it is girl like Malalah Yousafzai in Pakistan or  some innocent human beings  who have just little difference of opinion on certain faith matters, provided we are little wise enough to compromise, show tolerance and ready to adopt little liberal thought. These Taliban did kill 87 and injured 124 Ahmadi Muslims in two Ahmadiyya Mosques in Lahore, Pakistan on 28 May 2010. And the Governor Taseer who showed little gesture to Ahmadis was killed and his son was too abducted so that Murderer Qadri can be saved. To some he must be a hero and this could be their version of Islam.

Though Ahmadiyyas were worried about Libyan people in their difficult times but present abductions are very sad response from that soil. We helped Libyans throughout the world, particularly our Community in Malta contributed in Humanitarian Aid for Libya on 31st August 2011, at the difficult time the country was passing through as  Ahmadiyya is always worldwide committed to help those in need.

The Ahmadiyya Community is established in over 200 countries of the world in all six continents. According to some estimates the total population of the Ahmadiyya Community worldwide is over 10 million and it is committed helping needy people in education, food, shelter and health sectors. The services of Ahmadiyya through “Humanity First” in disasters are very much acknowledged worldwide and even Pakistani Government praised it. Ahmadiyyas are consistently persecuted in Pakistan for the last 4 decades and in some more countries after they were declared not-Muslim in 1974 by the Parliament of Pakistan. And later on the promulgation of Ordinance XX by dictator Gen Zia ul Haq made their lives really difficult. Have we ever thought seriously that where are we heading with such behaviour as a nation?

Recently on 04.12.12, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat and Fifth Khalifa, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered an historic keynote address at the European Parliament in Brussels to a packed audience of more than 350 guests representing 30 countries. Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said, “Governments need to make policies that establish and protect mutual respect, through which hurting the sentiments of others or causing them any type of harm should be outlawed.”

Being peaceful people Ahmadiyya keep on praying for the peace and security of Libyan people as they were passing through difficult time. Even today Ahmadiyyas pray that may God bless them all and may peace prevail soon in Libya. Ahmadiyya Community opposes extremism in any form in the world and services of Ahmadiyya for peace are well known. Their motto is, “LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE”

I personally plea to all of the readers to raise her/ his voice  to ask concearned authorities to get stopped violence, harming and torturing innocent Ahmadis anywhere, particularly in Libya and ask for safe and immediate release of these human beings. I know that most of my readers are very much committed to Peace and Protection of Basic Human Rights throughout the world and this encourages me to  inform you through this blog with a hope that immediate concrete steps by yourself  or by any of your contact, any friend particularly living in Libya may save the lives of these innocent human being held captured in Libya.

This horrific act of abduction and torturing our innocent brothers must be widely condemned to save 6 precious lives of Pakistani and Libyan citizens. They should not be punished for the difference of opinion as they have full right to possess their faith whatever they choose to have according to Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Are you convinced? If not then do write it in your powerful and strong  literary words to save these young men!


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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12 Responses to Save Lives Of Seven Pakistani And Libyan Men Abducted In Libya

  1. amer masood says:

    Study properly what happened? Who knows how these people were going there and if it is drama which I have doubt it is, who gonna get more sympathies at the end?

  2. Abdul Waheed Zafarr Rana says:

    I strongly condemn the Act of abduting and punishing the innocent People , irrespect of belonging to any Faith, Race, or Country.

    • ayyubkulla says:

      Sir! It is really a matter to be condemned at all levels. Let us wait how the big players act on this painful occurrence, particularly the Libyan authorities and the civil society in Pakistan.

  3. S A J Shirazi says:

    Welcome to Blogosphere. Wish to see you more here.

  4. Abdul Waheed Waraich says:

    Thanks for posting this article. It is very sad to see such horrible acts of inhumanity happening in Libya. Does Islam teach barbarity and brutality? Certainly not! We need to condemn such acts vigorously and it needs to stop.

  5. Kash says:

    This is very sad, and is against the teaching of Islam. Did Master Muhammad (saw) or His companions, abduct and kidnap people? Our Master (saw) was so right when he said that the Scholars of the later days will be “worst creatures on earth”

  6. Saqib Butt says:

    Aslamu Alaikum. First, I am also Ahmadi Muslim but presently I am not living in Pakistan. And reason to leave Pakistan: Some Non Ahmadi Muslim (from Khatm-e-Nabuwat) has Killed my dear mother because she used to spread the teaching of True Islam. I don’t know is this the real Islam to kill someone? In my opinion the Holy Quran never allows a person to attack someone. Yes, in self defense the permission could be there. Unfortunately in Pakistan these Molvis say through their FATWAs and Literature “kill Ahmadis (without any reason)”. Ahmadis are being killed in Pakistan only for their faith difference. Please think what is Islam? And think and read the History of Islam and life of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). He never killed anyone for the difference of faith. His exemplary character (i.e. How has he done in his life with other people) should be example for all of his followers for all the time. It could be Libya or Pakistan, NO AHMADI should be put in difficulty. JazakALLAH

  7. Jawad Ahmad says:

    Brother Thank you so much for writing this blog about us. I was kidnapped in Libya. But by the Grace of Allah Almighty and Prayers of Friends like you I am alive today living a peaceful life with my two kids. JazakAllah

    • ayyubkulla says:

      Assalamo Alaikum waRahmatullahi waBarakatohu! Brother Jawad Ahmad Sahib.Hope you are fine and living a peaceful with your family. It was my duty to do little bit once you people were trapped in Libya. It was though a huge effort involving Ambassadors, HR Activists, Journalists and AMJ those difficult days. Alhamdolillah the outcome was pleasing at the end. Just keep in prayers, please.

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