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Can we term coming elections in Pakistan as free, fair and transparent without the participation of 3-4 million Ahmadis?

Ahmadis are patriot citizens like any other citizen of Pakistan. Their services in creation of Pakistan as proud supporter of the Pakistan Movement are much admirable than any other religious community of that time particularly the AHRAR, Jamaat Islami and … Continue reading

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We are Proud Pakistanis!

Living abroad for last many years it is first time I feel really a proud Pakistani. The Sit-in at Islamabad of „Million March“ at D Square in front of Federal Parliament lasting for 5 days has ended in a positive … Continue reading

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Save Lives Of Seven Pakistani And Libyan Men Abducted In Libya

If your son or brother is abducted in a foreign country and the kidnappers have strongly demonstrated that they are very much capable of killing him, how will you feel sitting thousand miles away from your near one? Two days … Continue reading

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