Political and Religious Leadership in Muslim World Have Failed Miserably to Discharge their Duties Appropriately

It is much healthier if one can re-establish the character to overcome the disgrace one deserves. It is true for an individual as it is true for any nation.

Many years back I was in Brisbane, Australia. There I happened to examine an old Encyclopedia in a village library that contained hatred and blasphemous material that I had never read before, under the name of MUHAMMAD covering over 13 pages. Naturally, for many days I was extremely distressed. Surely today I realize that this practice is going on since ages. This time over 1.8 billion Muslims have been neglected intentionally by Christian governments, the particular mindset and group involved making this ugly film followed by recent cartoons published in France and Spain.

The majority of Muslim population including Pakistanis got trapped miserably in response to an extremely crude and offensive act of anti-Islam elements. Anti-Islamic movie “Innocence of Muslims” by Sam Bacile that caused Libyan Muslims to kill United States ambassador, J Christopher Stevens. Muslims throughout the world have negated the tolerance, harmony, peace, love and non-violence that are the message of Islam. Mobs portrayed a negative image of Islam from Morocco to Indonesia and provided a chance to western people to criticize their behaviour that is already much distorted due to terrorism; true or false that remains questionable. Contrary to character values mentioned earlier that are in fact taught by Islam, are being practiced more by non-Muslims than Muslims these days. We need to analyze that why the leadership failed to control the people?

Apart from heavy loss of precious lives, it caused serious damages to property and business in billions of dollars and it is still going on. The attitude to which I am concerned is that in most of the Muslim countries complete lack of discipline has been witnessed during these protests. Participants indulged in activities that had no justification specifically when they were demonstrating for a noble cause. The ransacking of public and private property, particularly the places of worship of other religions, was itself an un-Islamic and a highly condemnable act. At large Muslim countries seem to be at war with themselves leading to anarchic conditions that may weaken the short existing and fragile democracies that could be hope to bring a positive change in their daily lives.

The state institutions in Muslim countries failed to educate their people by directing their reaction into positive and peaceful demonstrations. The private and state controlled media could have played a greater role. During protests the leaders of the mainstream political parties disappeared allowing the angry crowds to indulge in acts of extreme violence with a hidden agenda to create problems for the governing party(s).  Similarly the religious Imams and scholars have failed in their responsibility, as they did not guide the people to remain peaceful and demonstrate in a dignified manner as is expected from a Muslim abiding by the true teachings of Islam.

Through controversy created, the temperatures of Muslim governments and people are tested time and again by different techniques since centuries. This intense wave of indignation has swept through the Muslim world. Indeed, Muslims are justified in this, in a way, as no one can tolerate once his father is abused by someone. And Muhammad (saw) has a very high place in a Muslim‘s mind as compared to her/ his father. Hence, whether or not a Muslim has proper insight of the real station of the Holy Prophet (saw), he is ready to give his life for his respect and honour. Muslims are not prepared to tolerate the ridiculing of Islam and their Holy Prophet (saw). The extremely insulting film about this great benefactor of humanity was surely going to make a Muslim’s heart bleed and it did throughout. This phenomenon and feeling must be understood to non-Muslim world if it is truly interested in peace in the world.   

Those who under the freedom of speech are trying to justify a blasphemous film must know it that it is not and it will never be acceptable to Muslims whatsoever. The reason is very simple, firstly it is love to the Prophet (saw) and secondly such acts surely generate religious conflicts threatening the future of the world. It is time to investigate that who funded the movie and why can’t West stop such movies and cartoons in electronic and print media. Insistence on using “freedom of speech” as the cover is sheer ignorance against the “freedom of religion” of others and in this case the Muslims. This sort of mocking just can’t go along in the name of freedom of speech. Governments are bound to treat their citizens equally. Muslim Americans and Muslims living in West are also as patriotic as any other American or the mind-set behind all that or any Christian or Jew citizen in the West who made this movie.

Politicians and others are speaking openly and discreetly in the name of freedom of speech. Few have started speaking up for the Muslims as well. It must be remembered that this world is now like a global village and if wickedness is not openly called wickedness then this act of further wickedness has the capability to destroy the peace of these countries too and this may add to factors widening the gulf between two civilizations and cultures already heading to WWIII.

It is time to give it a serious thought that the law about freedom of speech is not a heavenly scripture. If it is getting strained relations between two sides then it should be revisited. There can be flaws in man-made laws; some aspects can be missed while legislating because man does not possess the knowledge of the unseen. But God is Knower of the unseen and there is no flaw in His laws. Hence there is sheer need of bringing change to laws relating to freedom of speech.  

Recently Pakistani government has very rightly proposed that international laws must be framed and implemented to control such activities, though it should have been done much earlier by the previous regimes, I reckon. Pakistani government must immediately take into confidence not only the political, but also religious leaders of all religions and sects of this country  including those home we have declared non-Muslim to chalk out a policy in order to avoid similar situations in the future. These are testing times for the political and religious leaders not of only Pakistan but of entire Muslim World and if they fail to discharge their duties accurately, it would lead to the demise of democracy. Decision making people at top must get rid of cowardly attitude and take bold steps to unite the nation and this can be done by abolishing Anti-Ahmadiyya laws through particular amendment in the constitution of Pakistan.

 As regard of West, one thought could be that leave Muslims at their own, they will be okay without any sort of help from West. But is it realistic? Definitely Not. The table talk, harmony, tolerance and respect for each others belief can help solve the problem knowing that there are so many things common in the three Abraham religions.

Educating Christian and Muslim both side from the school days is a long-term solution. It should be taught to school going children from the early age that one must have regard and full respect for the religious leaders of other religions. Had this been done in previous times the Encyclopedia, I had referred in the beginning, would have not gone for those insulting 13 pages under name of MUHAMMAD.

The other day a religious leader very rightly said, “There is the matter of regard for others’ sentiments in which the Prophet (saw) was incomparable. In spite of knowing that he was the most prominent among all Prophets, in regard of the sentiments of a Jew he said that he should not be given preference over Moses (as). His regard for the sentiments of the underprivileged can be seen in a tradition where one of his wealthy Companions was expressing his superiority over others.”

The basic thing is that people must be educated about such matters and as a society, it is important that we remain tolerant even in the most adverse conditions where ever we live. The overseas Muslims must always keep this in mind and in return Western people and governments must have regard for their religious views and beliefs. Restrictions on construction of Minarets with Masjid in Switzerland, Hijab in France and making of recent ugly film have not contributed to cordial relations between the two sides though it could have been easily avoided. 

A true Muslim expresses indignation and disgust at the vulgarity; he or she also tries to draw attention of people to desist from committing these vulgarities. Killing of innocent humans; could it be an American Ambassador and his three colleagues in Libya or many Muslim protestors in different countries or damage to your own property and business is surely not a choice of a true and wise Muslim in these difficult times.

 Internet players like Google and YouTube must remove all objectionable material against Islam and other religions forthwith responding to recent and ongoing worldwide protest.  Meanwhile, the Government of Pakistan should use first the 56 member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) forum, later on resolution should be moved in UNO to highlight the ridiculing of Islam. The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, should not restrict himself expressing strong condemnation; rather he should go for a leading role to get the laws made. Collective effort by all Muslim countries should be made vigorously till the time some significant and substantial action like passing of laws is taken by UNO. If the Muslim world chases it together, it will succeed definitely, one can hope. For Muslim political and religious leadership it is time to help Muslim people to get out of psychological slavery and disgrace that is going on for so many centuries.

It is much healthier if one can re-establish the character to overcome the disgrace one deserves. It is true for an individual as it is true for any nation.


About ayyubkulla

Ex Army Officer, NWFP UET'88, Civil Engineer, 3D Modelling, BIM and IFC from FHNW . Liberal religious views. All out to serve motherland.
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10 Responses to Political and Religious Leadership in Muslim World Have Failed Miserably to Discharge their Duties Appropriately

  1. Aleem Ahmad says:

    very nice

  2. Mian Ali Usman Zafar says:

    The film, Innocence of Muslims, has sparked angry and at times deadly demonstrations across the Muslim world. Dozens of people have been killed in the protests, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

  3. Mian Ali Usman Zafar says:

    Innocence of Muslims has become guilt of Muslims. Why should VOA continue to report this matter? These people have no work to do except looking for trouble to protest a ‘defamatory film’. It is because the US pays too much attention to them out there and also pays a lot of money to feed them when they are idle, so that they can afford this sort of mischief. Ignorance and silence should be the best answer to the fool. The earlier VOA and other valued media houses stop giving attention to these loafers, the sooner they will learn that the world does not belong to them at all and how insignificant their useless protest is!

  4. ayyubkulla says:

    @ Mian Ali Usman Zafar. This practice is going on since many decades. First Iraq got a green signal to invade Kuwait, then Mujahedeen got converted to Taliban and now Benghazi Mujahedeen (democracy lovers) are on their road. People are fed up from this ugly game. The world needs PEACE at earliest. Justice amongst nations is as important as in a family of a village.

  5. Muhammad Umar Iqbal says:

    Very nice. We the Muslim schould learn the real Islam. Islam is in fact the Meassage of Love and not killing the Pepole and spreading hatred against each another.

  6. ayyubkulla says:

    @ M U Iqbal. Action matters. A well prepared but brief A4 leaflet depicting true Islam and kind personality of Prophet (saw) should be distributed in the West, so that people start acknowledging the due station / place and respect of this great prophet.

  7. Qamar ranjha says:

    Dear sir
    There Should be international Law protecting the sanctity of holy personalities of every religion.

  8. ayyubkulla says:

    Yes, Ranjha Sahib. There should be laws to care for the due respect and reverence of all religious leaders particularly the prophets but who will do that. At least few government heads should make it sure that the resolution get moved in OIC and then to UNO, I reckon. Only protests damaging Muslim’s lives and properties is not the response.

  9. S A J Shirazi says:

    But Ayyub, this is not about Islam only. This to me is about new ‘great game.’ The religious harmony is being killed on purpose.

  10. ayyubkulla says:

    In absence of Religious Harmony and to evade very basic moral values, where will the world land up, Sir?

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