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Political and Religious Leadership in Muslim World Have Failed Miserably to Discharge their Duties Appropriately

It is much healthier if one can re-establish the character to overcome the disgrace one deserves. It is true for an individual as it is true for any nation. Many years back I was in Brisbane, Australia. There I happened … Continue reading

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There is strong need to educate both sides to have peace in the human race

The protests against lousy and filthy video mocking the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) were still on that exactly after eighth day CARTOON from French satirical magazine “CHARLIE HEBDO” is pouring oil on the fiery debate between freedom of expression and offensive … Continue reading

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Historian says piece of papyrus refers to Jesus’ wife

This morning brings really an interesting question not only to me but to many Christians and Muslims alike and it must provoke a lot of further questions and discussions. Like all other Muslims, The Ahmadiyya Community (declared not- Muslim in … Continue reading

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President Barack Obama and Pope Benedict XVI should play their positive role immediately to stop further offenses due to the offensive film

The deeply offensive film being the most ridiculous attempt to malign the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by an American citizen Sam Becile through Jews supported film “Innocence of Muslims” has to rank as the most terribly imbecilic to date. Protests … Continue reading

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An Intellectual talks to other intellectuals in a Seminar titled, “Quaid e Azam and Present Pakistan”

A well wisher or you could say a person who is concerned about the safety and security of the writer goes like this, „Thank you dear Muhammad Hanif for your courage and excellent presentation. If you need to establish personal security, … Continue reading

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